Our Company

Blindesa is a company specialized in providing cutting-edge legal services oriented to comprehensive legal shielding of companies, societies and related entities, innovating as far as legal service is concerned. With Blindesa your personal and business assets are shielded and protected in the hands of the best professionals so you can focus on your main activity, leaving the rest in our hands.- Blindesa guarantees efficiency and Premium quality, being your security and tranquility our greatest achievement. We offer a personalized service according to your needs, simplifying legal relationships and giving you the protection framework that you need.


• Make our customers lives simpler through Integral Legal Shield of Companies, Societies and related entities.


• Maximize people’s economic growth by facilitating access to Integral Legal Shield of Companies, Societies and related entities.


• Civil and Commercial Law.

• Administrative and Fiscal Law.

• Environmental Law.

• Labor Law.

• Criminal Law.


• Efficiency.

• Honesty.

• Confidentiality.

• Responsibility.

• Innovation.

• Legal Security.

• Passion.

• Human Quality.



Blindesa offers an INTEGRAL LEGAL SHIELD including the following areas:
• Civil and Commercial Law
• Administrative and Fiscal Law
• Environmental Law
• Labor Law
• Criminal Law

This gives an efficient, agile and personalized coverage through a professional service adapted to the particular needs of each client achieving the legal shield of your company that is what characterizes us and gives added value to BLINDESA.
The outcome of our service is that you and your company are safe and legally protected against any setback that may arise.
We also include visits of our advisors to your company to respond to inquiries immediately and directly with your stakeholders and thus provide a more personalized and dynamic service according to your needs; remember that in Blindesa you are the most important and your satisfaction our greatest achievement.
Our service aims at an INTEGRAL LEGAL SHIELD OF YOUR COMPANY as indicated by our name and slogan, for which we will constantly monitor it in order to know which areas requires a reform, restructuring and adaptation so that you can strengthen your weak points and prevent serious legal conflicts later.
Remember how important it is to invest in prevention, by this way you are going to save money and time, that will allow you to focus only on your core business activities knowing that you are safe with the backing and legal coverage of BLINDESA, thus giving greater legal and financial predictability to your company.